December 20, 2013 :’m wrapping gifts for Christmas looked up and say: “Oysters! But if this seems like P interest breakfasts! ” At that time I was not very familiar with the social network Instagram today, however, is one of my favorite pastimes. However I decided to photograph the little tavern that was created inadvertently (breakfast + gift) and I loved the idea. A few days later our lovely Lorena challenged me to photograph 5 breakfasts to Instagram and since then I could not stop doing it. After a time and had many breakfasts I decided to baptize with the hashtag, and today and I have over 130! Here’s a table decoration which I have prepared so far:

table decoration

In this post I want to show some of my favorite breakfasts. And for that I will explain a little as I do to give you some tips. To begin delivery of the idea of what I want for breakfast that day (toast, cereal, some sweet …) to see what kind of material I need for decorating the table: dishes, tablecloth, glasses or cups, spoons and knives … You see that depending breakfast you prepare this much mark the type of material required (not the same breakfast toast a bowl with cereal because for each need a separate) elements.

Another aspect that I have much in mind is whether this particular day there is something to celebrate because even if you think no, if you think about it sure you have more than one thing to celebrate a week. So this also influences my decorations: flowers of a warm color if the conclusion is more romantic; sheets with positive messages if you want to celebrate is that good news of the week or a simple napkin as a plate if what we celebrate is more casual such as breakfast always at his side.

Although there are times that the decoration of the table is subject depending on the time of year that we (Christmas, summer, parties in general, etc.) For this I try to do a simple composition with common elements for decorating the tables.

As for non-food items (cups, plates, trays, etc.) I like to vary enough to give a different touch to every breakfast (you should see my kitchen full of dishes and different vessels). They are my downfall and collect all colors and sizes but one of the ones I like most are the pieces of pottery, I absolutely love them!