Niche tiles in the bathrooms are small steps in the soap hole in the wall spaces large enough to be a dressing room. Most are small niches in the walls of the shower or above a jacuzzi. You can have a small niche above the tub for use as soap, medium niche beside the toilet to put toilet paper or a large niche in a smooth wall to put towels.

Classical ideas of niche tiles
A niche tiles with classic style is the most popular choice for people who prefer clean lines and subtle colors. A small and simple white box above the jacuzzi porcelain creates a neutral space that complements a variety of topics. Use light cream color with floral embellishments to create a barrier around in rectangle, a niche tile in the shower . Fills the niche tiles neutral cream color to rooms with light, feminine touch.

the bathroom

Niche Ideas contemporary tiles
If you prefer modern styles in your bathroom, explores contemporary ideas with different tile that suit your needs. Make two small tables for niches along the wall tile white sprinkler . Mark the edge tiles of black color and also within the niches. It covers surfaces with tiled black and white variety. Make a niche in the sink and then another one cup this year so that all in the same style. Bathrooms with tile gray is very well contemporary niches. Create a small niche in a rectangle in the shower to create a smooth figure. Use a simple tile embossed a dolphin jumping in the center of the niche to create an elegant theme. Leave a niche that matches the theme of each side of the bathroom mirror so uniform.

Ideas from city to tile niches
It is practical to create a niche in the bathroom on a topic of town. Covers the shower with tile blue and make a great arched niche in the longest wall. Make a border with tiles white all around the niche. Assembles a tile with a sunflower at the bottom of the niche. Cover the walls of your bathroom with tile cream, straw, black and dark gray on a varied placement for a subtle theme city. Make a rectangle-shaped niche with a slight bow across the shower or bathroom wall. Contour highlighted in niche tiles yellow. Cover the base, the surface and sides of the niche with gray. Covers wall niche with tiles broken cream, straw, white and yellow long sun.