If you live near the road and you can not stand the constant noise of cars, railroad and everything that can create annoying noises, you should provide a good sound insulation . If your home needs an efficient sound insulation, to eliminate the noises coming from the street or from neighbors is in fact necessary to buy specific products that are used individually or in tandem with others. In this guide, we will explain how to identify The best sound insulation for the home.

best sound insulation

Many of the commercially available materials are organic in nature, but there are some, which are the fruit and the result of accurate scientific research. These particular materials are in fact made ​​from synthetic fibers and petroleum derivatives. Crystal Lake roofers says the absolute best are the cork , the rock wool and expanded clay as regards the first type and the polystyrene as synthetic fibers or chemical derivatives. The cork for isolating walls dividers, is really ideal because if the thickness is purchased an inch and a half or two, alone is able to form a protective barrier impenetrable that breaks the sound waves coming from the outside.

A sealed room of only cork, becomes perfectly absorbing and free of refraction of sound waves, both internal and external. To save, since the cork panels is quite expensive, the walls can be the first seal with the plasterboard, then with rock wool and finally covered with cork panels even thinner (about a centimeter). The rock wool, such as cork, however, is an ideal product to create a noise barrier in fact, can be used to fill a gap created with the plasterboard applied on special spacers of aluminum .

Insulate a house in terms of sound, it means do not only walls, but also on floors and attics. For these two types of coating, there are specific products , that have proved particularly suitable for silencing a domestic environment. A floor can in fact be made ​​anti-noise with balls of expanded clay , to be imposed on the floor, without the cement screed. For countertops, polystyrene is ideal to make them sound absorbing, even if lends itself to soundproof walls and partitions.