An empty corner can interrupt the flow of what otherwise would be a successful decoration scheme. Choose which placed in this static space can seem like a challenge, but there are several strategies to decorate corners. Most importantly, you should use the corner as an opportunity to add height to the space and anchor. Whether you need extra storage, a workplace, or just a paper lighting decorative to fill the void, following a few strategies to decorate your wall corner and harmonize the decor of the room.


Evaluate the needs of your space. Common problems include the lack of space to store or sit, or perhaps lacks light and color to the room.

decorate a wall in the corner

Make an inventory of your furniture and decorative items. It may not be necessary to purchase new items to decorate an empty corner, especially if other areas of your room are full or have extra items stored. For example, that beautiful screen that is gathering dust in the parking lot could hide that empty corner and provide hidden storage space. Or you could finally hang all the paintings and create an art gallery on the corner.
Go shopping to fill the spaces. Probably do not have everything you need to decorate empty wall corner, but a quick trip to the store for home decor or a flea market will help complete the project. Looking for a corner shelf with the right proportions to store all your books , or high lamp to illuminate a dark area of the room while adding height. Do not forget to look for items that add a touch of color or texture to the room and note that one of the easiest fixes is to add plants. Go to the nursery and goes to high potted plant or opt for a group of several plants of varying heights.

Rearrange your furniture or put your new acquisitions to fill the corner. Take away often to examine through the corner of the room and make sure that the new order maintains the flow of the room and gives you a sense of proportion. Add height to hang a painting on a corner desk, or add high bamboo stalks to a vase decorative eye catcher on the wall.