Create a stunning look in your room with a combination of blue and white colors. This scheme of color is cool and soothing, and promotes a welcoming environment that invites friends and family to come and enjoy a moment together. Use this combination as a basis to decorate a room whose design suits your preferences.

the dining room


It sets the tone for your dining by incorporating this scheme of color on the walls. For a nautical-themed room, painted steel slats or cobalt blue and white. If you prefer the country wave, try or cornflower blue sky with white border. The contrast of a main wall in blue sapphire combined with others in white creates a striking, contemporary look in space. Add a tropical touch to your dining room with turquoise walls and a warm white chalk.



Choose furniture that match the design you are trying to achieve. For example, a wicker or rattan table with glass top and chairs of the same material is well suited to a tropical-themed room in blue and white. White lacquered pieces help to create a nautical look. For a country chic design, choose a wooden table and surround it with chairs used different wood. A modern design requires furniture lacquered having net and straight lines.

Enter the room blue and white, as well as other complementary colors, through fabrics. Hang curtains from the ceiling to the floor to simulate a design of French painting in a room Inspirational. Place a mat of warm color sand on the floor and a light transparent blue curtains and air combined with white on the windows for a room with beach theme. For a nautical space, striped cushions on the chairs in white and blue or red work well. On the floor, place a rug in solid gray or blue and white for a modern feel.

Decorative details

Add finishing touches to your room with white and blue decorative details. Arrange porcelain blue and white images on a stand or hang them directly on the wall in a room setting. Displays rowing pictures of lighthouses or snails in a nautical or beach themed room. Hanging lights with blue and white balloons on table in modern dining. Get paintings that incorporate designs in these colors, such as geometric forms or images of the ocean.