There are different types of islands kitchen from models incorporating electrical outlets, and even kitchen countertops kitchen sink, to the rustic traditional, which origins date back to the islands as the centerpiece of English country kitchens, Provencal or Tuscan. An island kitchen wood purchased in a store or made ​​to order will cost a lot of money, so save yourself a lot and build it yourself.


Take two boards 30 by 3 and 20 by 3 inches and roughs a recess in the edge of two inches deep and an inch wide.

wood island in the kitchen

Make miter saw at the ends of all 30 tables and 20 3 inches by 3 inches on a 45 degree angle using the miter saw.

Monta plates with recessed edge forming a rectangular frame; the undercut edge within the frame. The ends mitred corners are right angles. Apply wood glue between these extreemos, fastened with corner brackets and let dry.

Drill a hole in the center of each glue joint on the side of the frames 30 inches, then screwed the frames together using the holes you just made. Remove the clamps.

Place the table 28 inches in frame with the inner edge lowered (will fit into comfortably). Punch holes each 5 inches across the top of the table within the recessed edge. Lift table, applies glue along the recess, and screw it back into place. This is the front cover of your island kitchen.

Cut a 1 inch deep and 3 wide at the ends of all 33 inch boards, which are the legs. On the opposite side of the boards, cut another space of the same dimensions, but do it to 5 inches from the end, rather than align with the end of the boards as you did the first.

With the chisel removes the remains of wooden spaces cut, so now have holes 3 by 1 inches, clean, two on each leg.

Supports two frames on their side of 30 inches vertically. Place the hole 5 inches from the end of the legs over the edge of the frame. Place the hole is aligned with the ends of the legs over the edge of the empty frame. Place two legs thus aligning the ends of the frames, making sure the frames at right angles to the legs.

Drill a hole that goes between the legs and frames, then lift the legs, apply glue and you screw the legs. Tour the structure, placed the other two legs and sujétalas as you did the first two. Sets the island on his new legs.

Place the plank 32 22 above the island , focusing on the empty frame (they have left over 2 inches on each side). Make each 10 inch hole through the top board on the frame, then glued and screwed into place.

Fill all screw holes with wood putty; allowed to dry. Sand the island and then applied three coats of varnish following the manufacturer’s instructions allowing to dry between one layer and the next.