To decorate the walls, there are different products, and many techniques of processing. Each is adopted on the basis of a certain type of design that you want to set in a home environment ; In fact, if it is a rustic style, then the pastel shades are preferable to the old style, rather suitable for very classic. Specifically here is therefore a list, with the main techniques of decorating walls.

The technique most widespread always is that a brush, but with the roller can decorate the walls in a different way, thanks to the different models available that depending on the grit of the part in sponge of which they are composed, for creating decorative finishes on the walls , type orange peel effect or scratched. Both, are valuable to obtain shades compact and uniform, especially when it comes to decorate a wall with particular shades.

The technique of decoration with a sponge, is ideal when in a decidedly classic intend to create the particular shades, or to decorate a wall, making it similar to wood. The troweling sponge is an important tool that allows to spread the paint and spread smoothly, and able to create with simple rotary movements knots and streaks, typical own timber.

The old stucco is one of the techniques most used for centuries, and you can get pretty thick wall coverings also in terms of decoration. In fact, these fillers are ideal for classic environments, but especially as a covering of the products used previously to eliminate moisture and mold. The work requires a good skill with the spatula, which is the indispensable tool to get the best performance.

One of the most lasting and particular decorative effect, is surely the fresco. It is an ancient technique that has been passed down through the centuries by the great masters of the Italian Renaissance. Certainly not easy, but nevertheless progressively following the steps and using appropriate tools and products, the results can be spectacular, and ideal for furnishing a house in an original and not necessarily put the frames on the walls.