Jar is a very ancient invention, been here around in one form or another since before even the dawn of civilization. And in all this time,man has found a number of different uses of this humble container. In this article we list some of the various uses of jars from the highly practical to the highly quirky.


For Storing Items

Whether it is for keeping your children’s school stationary or the dry beans you brought form the store, the jar is one of the most common medium of storage found in an average house hold, be it for spices, biscuits, candies, sewing items, pencils and markers or even toenails (sorry for that image).

For Canning

Jars that can be sealed act as very good medium for preserving food items, canning them to prevent natural spoilage.

In Making Food Items

From making homemade yogurt to mixing spices, a jar is an amazing helper for any chef in the kitchen.

For Keeping Small Animals

Whether it is keeping your captured bugs and lizards that have a short life span, or as a cheap alternative to a fish bowl for your fishes or tadpoles, the jar proves to be a great choice.

For Decoration Purposes

Jars can be used for holding flowers,can be decorated or filled with items to make it more attractive. You can decorate the jars themselves.

For Keeping Plants

Just fill the jar with water and place a few water loving plants in it or fill it with earth and allow a sampling to grow in it.Either way, it is a great and cheap alternative for indoor pots and planters.

For Science Experiments

Many of us know and have done the simple candle and jar experiments,but jars are used in far more complex experiments.These include the observation of chemical reactions or for those related to the application of vacuum.

For Drinking

Some people also use jars as drinking glasses.

For Use As Lanterns

Jars act as great cheap lanterns, protecting the light source, such as a small candle or oil lamp, from the elements.

For Storing Money

Many kids and even some adults store their savings in jars repurposed as a coin container.

For Preserving Animals

In many biology labs and facilities, you will see the many innocent animals terminated and preserved in alcohol filled jars for various purposes.

For Measuring Purposes

Many people make use of jars to measure quantity of something, particularly liquids.

For Childish Amusements

Almost all of us are guilty of trapping two different types of bugs in a jar and forcing them to fight for their freedom and our amusement.

For Self Defense

Jars, particularly mason jars can be and have been used as weapons, for instance they can be used as deadly projectiles that one can throw at the assailant or used as a blunt object for escaping an assault.

For Trapping Bugs

Finally, jars are also used in homemade traps for small critters like muses, roaches, and spiders etc.