Do you have to decorate a new floor? Are you a novice and do not know where to start? Easy, you have the 10 commandments you cannot forget. If you follow them, nothing will be mission impossible. You do not need too much for decorating a new apartment, just a little patience and follow these 10 tips. Thus, in a few days or months when you enter your new floor you can already say that about home Sweet Home!

decorating a new apartment

Steps to decorate a new floor

Measures distances and carry them around with you. You never know when the perfect cabinet may appear. If you bring a list of measures, stay the distance from the wall of the room, the long room you will know if that sofa corner so perfect fit or not in your new home. Buy furniture gradually. The enthusiasm for decorating a new apartment can gamble tricks. Buyer all at once you may buy on impulse and not necessary. Buy furniture gradually, according to the fitting and need to go. So you see how it is becoming and what else do you need.

Paint the walls light color:  if you are new to this decorating, opt for light colors for the walls. You get breadth, simplicity and elegance. In addition, they will be easier to match with the future decoration of the room’s curtains, linens, paintings, carpets. Then, after a while, when you’re already used to the house you can choose to put wallpaper or color a wall of another riskier like burgundy color.

Be minimalist:  decorating a new apartment does not mean filling it with furniture, paintings, decorations, curtains and figurines. You are always time to hang another picture or add a small table. But if from the beginning full house ornaments, then it looks like a small rake. Let it go slowly filling and naturally as you to buy some souvenirs or collogues a new souvenir photo)

Choose three colors: it is the most simple and useful to decorate a new floor method. Choose three colors. The first is a color that will decorate 60% of your new home (walls). The second, more saturated that appear in 30% of the house curtains, carpets and finally, more risky color (yellow or red, for example) color appears in small doses as cushions and some decorative object.

Do not be put off by the trends:  like fashion textile, fashion decor changes every few minutes. Geometric prints, wicker furniture anything can happen fashionable. Is the safe bet? Choose what you like best and avoid extremes. You can include trends, but not base any decoration on them. It includes natural plants: decorating a new apartment plants is always a wise move. They bring warmth to the home and make it much more welcoming. You can put them in the kitchen, in the living room and even in the bathroom. To resist any season, here we leave these 6 indoor plants resistant to cold and heat.