If in the bathroom we have a set of mats , to clean them properly be taken into account of the material with which they were made. Each fact, for a number of reasons, it must be cleaned , using appropriate products . In this regard, here is a list with some tips for cleaning mats in the bathroom. Lets talk about bath mats.

bath mats

If the set of mats to clean is rubber, it is important not to use solvents, because fiber melts become gummy and sticky, and so we are then forced to replace them completely. Alternatively, just use of water with neutral soap and then as cleaning periodically is sufficient talc, which after having sprinkled on the surface, it must be removed with a brush . The advantage of this, is that the tire always stays elastic and tends to harden and then crack.

Use bleach on the carpet fabric , especially those of the toilet and bidet, it could be a bad choice; in fact, if colored, they will become swapped, and so no more of the original color, and especially with showy and unsightly patches . The advice is therefore not parasailing with bleach, but only with mild soap, or with baking soda and juice of lemon . Both play in fact, a degreasing action and sanitizing, giving the carpets respectively clean and sterilized.

If the mats are made ​​of cotton and have the pictures on the surface and the fringes should never wash them in the washing machine as it is likely to deform and at the same time we will be forced to wipe them and then Allistir, all with an enormous and unnecessary loss time, and without the possibility to correct the interference. Hand cleaning with water and a brush for clothes or even with the dry shampoo , can be a viable and safe alternative .

If the bath mats are plush, you should never clean them with a wire brush, because you are likely to keep her stranded on the surface, and starlit, then make them mangy and unsightly. Alternatively, you should use only a soft bristle or plastic, such as for laundry, using a mild detergent, a dry shampoo for upholstery of the car, or a mix made ​​from home-based lemon and baking soda mixed together them as an abrasive paste .