There are still a few weeks for the official arrival of winter but as prevention is better than cure, it is better to prepare your home for the coldest time of the year before the temperatures are low. Given that over the coming months will spend more time at home than anywhere else, it is best to make your home a warm and comfortable place.

If you have heating at home the first thing to do is purge the radiators for the system to work perfectly. As we have already offered, some tips for a plus of warmth in the living room now let’s focus on the bedroom. Would you like to discover our recommendations to achieve a warmer room? Well you know what you have to do! Do not miss anything we tell you then!


Warm colors

When decorating the bedroom concerned must seek a cozy, comfortable place and invites you to relax. Of course, during the coldest time of year we also make the stay convey warmth. To do this, you can use different decorative tricks. For example, it is important that you consider that colors can be helpful when transmitting warmth.


Undoubtedly, the key to a warmer bedroom is in textiles and, especially, in the bedding. Continuing the theme of colors, you should note that the bed is heated before seem that if covered tissue in warm, dark colors. Of course, what really matters is that the bedding is designed to protect from the cold.

For example, you should know that warmer sheets are the Pyrenees, the coral and of flannel. Moreover, we recommend that you cover your bed with a duvet preferably, of good quality so that not only entertains you, but also let your body perspire. If you still spend cold at night do not hesitate to place a blanket.

Other textiles

Beyond the bedding just like to comment, it is always a good idea to place a blanket or plaid at the foot of the bed to provide a feeling of greater warmth. Moreover, it is a fantastic idea to fill the bed of cushions. On the other hand, we want to mention that the carpets also help you achieve a warmer room, not just visually, but this upgrade also insulates the cold.

Materials and accessories

Moreover, you should be aware that there are some materials that will help you achieve a warm and friendly atmosphere. Undoubtedly, the star material is wood, which may be part of the floor, furniture, ceiling through decorative beams.