The Hurricane Sandy was the eighteenth and the deadliest tropical cyclone of the 2012 hurricane season. It was the biggest hurricane of that information is received and the second by the level of damage, after Hurricane Katrina in late August 2005. On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast of the United States including almost every one of the 2,800 homes in Breezy Point, New York. This bungalow on the beach, about 300 meters, it was no exception. Everything about him had to be replaced, and went out again with way too much style. The decorator Emily Henderson , was commissioned to carry out the project and we have to recognize that the job has been spectacular. The mint tones, turquoise and green water flooded every corner of this house.

bungalow on the beach

Tile is the star of this bathroom, but we can not ignore the baskets used for storage of towels so informally, reclaimed wood countertop, double rain shower and a mirror placed in the window frame without blocking natural light and those LAMPARASSS adding that industrial feel, are wonderful.

The living room has two distinct area. A more formal and the other more relaxed in formal area jute carpet defines the space. A chesterfield sofa with casual upholstery, Lily and Serena chairs, concerning maritime style, vintage standing lamp and an old trunk as a coffee table, complete this area. The hammock, the pouf with geometric upholstery and a side table which serves as a wet bar, make the informal area.

An old refrigerator, renovated with glass panels, acts as a transparent border between the dining room and traditional seating areas, while serving as speaker of these precious bottles and glass vases. For a more cozy effect in the bedroom header colors are reversed. Here the teal is much more intense and covers the top of the walls and ceiling. A wooden frieze in white, brings clarity all the necessary clarity.

In the kitchen, furniture Ikea Edserum series in the same color as the rest of the house they were personalized. Vintage items such as stools, cups or mixing colors in bright red, exploding against the backdrop inspired by the sea were incorporated.

If you want to see more details of this bungalow, take a look at Country Living … .including a giant shark in the bedroom, a library ladder, and the perfect blend of modern and classic findings. We hope your comments, we make much, look forward to receive you can follow us on this blog, in Twiter , Facebook , Google+ or Pinterest that you have a wonderful day! Atelier This blog contains images taken from the network. If an author does not agree that appear here, or want to put his own, do not hesitate to connect us to proceed to edit or delete.