It is a star material in our homes which does not lose its effectiveness for many years to come. That yes, it changes with the passage of time evolving with the times that run. Here you have some of the trends in ceramic for floors and walls that triumph in 2017. Whether in the kitchen, the bathroom or any other space in the house the ceramic for floors and walls is a constant in the houses of yesterday and today.

ceramic for floors

It does not go out of style. It does not replicate but remains in force despite the passage of time. However, it also does not remain unchanged shows variations in designs, textures and colors. Today we want to show you the latest in pottery for your home.

There is nothing more traditional than a wall tiled. The ceramic for floors and walls shows many different interpretations, which could be said to be one of the most versatile materials available when decorating the house. In addition, for you to see it in a practical and very clear we are going to tell you what are the trends of the moment when it comes to ceramic coatings.

If ceramics are a constant material in today’s homes, it is also true that in recent times the designs and finishes were more focused on timeless models discreet and neutral color palettes. This may be due to the rise of some decorative styles such as minimalism. Above all, flat colors and enameled finishes were chosen with a neutral appearance, capable of lasting in time.

However, this is changing at a steady pace with new aesthetic proposals that are captivating architects and decorators. One of them is undoubtedly the textured ceramic, which results in surprising walls with a lot of volume. The surfaces that can (and should) touch themselves decorate any space, without being too lush. They have an overwhelming personality and are a trend. They seem very special to me. No wonder they get more prominent in the most modern houses.

The technology is what makes these special effects possible, with very precise reliefs and with the option of reproducing almost any texture and design. Do not lose sight of them, because they are at the forefront of pottery for floors and walls. If you like, the shapes and reliefs of these walls choose sober colors and matte finishes that make them more visible.

If the neutral, smooth and homogeneous surfaces that so proclaimed the minimalist environments leave you already a little indifferent it is time to take a look at a new trend in ceramic for floors and walls. They return to design references of yesteryear such as glazed tiles with geometric designs or the hydraulic tile floors that were so used in the past. This trend emphasizes the importance of color when decorating and for rescuing the small format of the pieces.