There are various types of designs of internal among which include (but are not limited to) the residential, commercial and accessible and environmentally friendly design. These types can be defined according to what that design or proposal, the focus or the personal interests of the designer. Choose a designer who works with the type of design you prefer can help you establish a positive relationship and create a space that not only meets your needs but also your hopes. Also, if you work with the right type of designer for your space is easier to stay within budget.

types of interior design

Residential interior design focuses on places to live. These designers work to create apartments, houses or rooms comfortable and livable. Should take into account factors such as warehousing, family life and functionality when working with a residential designer. Fabrics, materials and finishes should be chosen for that suit your lifestyle.


The design of internal trade is concentrated in the areas of business, among which include offices, lobbies and restaurants. The designer has to consider traffic flow, integration of business equipment and customer convenience. Commercial designers also feel more comfortable working in a larger scale spaces and creating a unified look in multiple commercial spaces.
Environmental and Ecological Design
Some designers have decided to focus on the design and organic materials. This type of design can be residential or commercial; some designers are comfortable working with both. Some ecological designers can help in finding resources for lighting, piping and ecological air filter. If you are looking for a space that respects the environment, this is the kind of design that best suits your needs.

Some interior designers have chosen to focus on creating spaces that people with different abilities and needs can use and enjoy. Among the concerns raised by this type of design the functionality of the bathroom or kitchen, ample access for wheelchairs and other mobility devices and creating work spaces for everyone in the family or in the workplace include .

Some designers focus specifically on creating economic spaces. This type of design is even striving to use what one already has to renovate the house or office without entering higher expenses. If you want a query instead of a full service design, keep in mind that a designer is aware of the budget, so if you prefer to adopt an approach of self-employment or just need to keep the discounted costs.