There are plenty of reasons why people choose to keep their stuff in storage, but a growing number of people are choosing self storage as a form of protection. It’s not just a way to keep your belongings safe from sticky fingers. When you choose to store your stuff in a climate controlled facility, you can keep you valuable wooden furniture and instruments safe from humidity.

Imagine, you have an antique armoire that’s been passed down through your family for centuries, but you have no place for it in your small home, so you keep it in the garage. This room in your house isn’t insulated against the frosty temperatures of winter or the humid heat of the summer. Eventually, the fluctuating temperatures and levels in humidity will begin to damage this antique wood. Only a little bit of time needs to pass before wood will crack and warp under these conditions.


A self storage unit, on the other hand, is nothing like your garage. The best self storage units North York are protected against the elements to provide a highly controlled environment. The Abacus Self Storage units in North York can offer temperature and humidity controls that protects sensitive organic material like wood from damage. These levels also prevent any mould or mildew from growing in any of your stored belongings.

That means that antique armoire is safe for however long you store it, as well as valuable instruments, fabrics, or any other important belongings you wish to store. But when you’re storing something as valuable as an heirloom piece of furniture, you’re going to want more than just climate controls protecting your belongings. Only rent from those self storage facilities that can offer comprehensive security details that will keep your stuff safe. This includes 24/7 video surveillance, monitored intrusion alarms, and fenced enclosures protected by individual passcodes. All of these electronic security measures should also be monitored by a site property manager, who also performs routine in-person checks of the facility.

As you search for a storage unit to keep your antique wooden furniture, call one of these managers and set up a facility tour. During this tour they’ll go over the security features that they can offer. It’s also a prime opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the site, its security, or the climate controls. With these questions answered to your satisfaction, you can finally rent a storage unit that you feel confident will store your heirloom items without damaging them.