Fiat lux! Or, translated from the Latin, let there be light!

Light is probably one of the most important aspects of how your home can appear to be a lot more spacious than it actually is. You need to think about how you can use light in a variety of ways to create the illusion that there is more space than people realize.

If you’re a light and space newbie, how do you go about it?

Color schemes

To help make your spaces seem larger, it’s best to avoid dark colors. That includes furnishings that are dark and a dark rug on the floor. You’ll get a sense that the room is claustrophobic, closing in on you.

Go for light and bright colors to open up spaces. You need to make sure your spaces are filled with as much light as possible. Think about colors such as neutrals, light blues and greens or light grays. You can make your mark with the way you decorate and give that illusion of expanding your living space.


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Ever been to a restaurant that seems huge, much bigger than you expected? Then you realize that it’s all done by mirrors, reflecting additional depth into what may be a relatively small area.

The great thing about mirrors is that they reflect light, so you can use them in all sorts of areas when you want to increase that illusion of space. Try putting a mirror opposite a window so that when the light from the window comes in it’s reflected and can help brighten the room.

Remember that the larger your mirrors are, the more light will be reflected and the lighter your rooms will appear. It’s a simple and relatively inexpensive way to create the illusion you want.

Window coverings

With light creating the illusion of space you need to think about how you use window coverings. Beautiful curtains can be fabulous, but if you have a small room where you want to develop that sense of space,then they can be rather overwhelming. You might love the fabrics, the patterns and the comforting feel of them, but they really can close your space in with their elaborate styling.Eyes are drawn to those patterns and this can engender that sense of feeling closed in.

A simple and effective solution is to use window shutters. Not only are they stylish, and come in an enormous variety of designs that can be specifically tailored to your windows, but you hardly notice them as they fit seamlessly to the line of your wall.

You can adjust them in many ways to allow as much or as little light as you want at particular times of the day or season.

Go for your space

Good light is what we all want, and you can use any number of techniques to ensure that your home can make use of these to create that amazing illusion of more space.