The windows and cladding the walls are often painted in two different shades. Many homeowners enjoy the aesthetic contrast created by painting outside in two tones, but this design scheme is not for everyone. If you prefer an identical color on the windows and walls, do not need to spend money on new windows or a new coating. It is possible to paint the windows to match the existing walls, provided you follow the right steps.
paint the windows


Get a paint sample or a piece of carpet. If your siding is painted, it is quite easy to take off a small piece of paint. However, if vinyl is generally not painted color. To get a sample of the color of the vinyl, you should use tin snips to cut a piece of carpet. Take that piece of a part that is hidden from view. You can patch the empty space with a liquid vinyl patch and paint with paint from windows.


Combines color at hardware or paint store. Some stores have laser to scan the sample for precise combination; in other cases you will have to rely on visual combination, which is susceptible to human error. In this case, it takes a friend to have a second option before making your final choice.
Wash the surfaces of the windows you will paint with a trisodium phosphate cleaner and a rag. The accumulation of dirt on the outer limits paint adhesion.

Print out the window with the primer for foreign adequate and synthetic bristle brush. The primer varies from job to job, depending only on the material window. For a metal frame, use a rust inhibitor primer. Vinyl windows require a high adhesion primer. Print the wooden windows with a waterproof primer stain. Wait for the primer to dry.

Paint the window surfaces with paint for foreign oil. Use a brush with synthetic bristles for a matte finish and a sponge brush to a bright finish.

Apply a second layer of oil paint after first drying.

Remove the masking tape to 24 hours.