There are several ways to decorate your walls. You may change the surface of the wall or simply vintages ornamental details, but any type of material you use to help personalize your space to life.

A coat of paint can change the look of a wall quickly and inexpensively. You can cover the whole wall of color or paint stripes, dots, patterns or wall using one or more colors and shades.

wall decoration

The wallpaper is a material of a sheet of drawings (and sometimes texture) that is fixed to the wall by any adhesive. This paper comes in thousands of copies and can be used to cover an entire wall or just add an edge to the ceiling or the height of a chair rail.

You can add texture to the surface of your walls with materials like plaster, plaster or joint compound. Often, the texture pattern is applied using a special flat, then covered with the paint after it has dried.


If you want to change the appearance of a wall without changing the wall itself, you can cover it with fabric, mirrors or peel and stick plastic decorations.