Cover the door of a garage is a requirement to convert the garage into a living room . You can fence it to make it look harmonious with the front of the house, so that the design requires detailed planning. From the sidewalk, you will not want to leave any telltale sign of old garage door. To fence the wall space, you should also consider any window or wall tiles that will be part of the remodel.

wall of a garage

Correct measurements
Fencing plan begins with detailed measures. Measure the door opening and the wall around it. Find the exact depth you need to make the thickness of the new wall. Do not forget, too, that you must build the subfloor before making fence. Find out what thickness you need to pour the concrete base floor of the same height as the foundation walls.


Suitable materials
Then you must make a sketch of the house with the new facade of the garage wall. Try to create an exterior wall covering space garage door that looks like the original with the initial construction of the house. When you see the space the door from any angle, it should not look like it was a garage. You can use a wall of several French doors as an option. Or you can build a large window opening as a bank window.
Remove the door system
You will have to remove the front door and your lane. Ask some friends to help you do it because most of the units of this type of door weighing hundreds of pounds. Consider selling the old door and take it to another property, so that you can remove without bending the metal rail.

Thickness of the wall structure
Tables fencing should help create depth on the wall. Fill the gap of the door with tables require fencing to draw the exact design on graph paper. You can use tables 2 by 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) or more thick planks. as 2 by 6 inch (5 by 15 cm). The frame can be covered with plywood and bricks on the outside, but also need to plan the depth of the interior materials. For example, you may decide to use a double thickness of plaster to make the inner wall is even with the adjacent walls covered with plaster.


Standard Rules framed
When fences space, rivets installed exactly like any exterior wall of a house. Place in center of 16 inches (40 cm). Keep in mind that windows will look as original to the house rather than added, so the framework should combine them with nearby windows in size and style. Otherwise, you can easily devalue the appearance of the house.


Finishing Touches
Finish the interior and exterior walls to blend seamlessly with the surrounding space. For example, add brick or siding to fit which is already placed on the outside of the house. You can install a window with shutters in the space of the garage door, if necessary combined with an identical window blinds few feet away from the front facade. Indoor wall molding require the same, the same cut window and the same base material use to build the room in the old garage.