If you intend to decorate a space with some photos or images personal, you might wonder what is the best way to stick them on the wall. There are several options that allow you to put your images with little or no damage on these or wall.

Sticky Putty
This sticky putty-like substance comes in a package, usually in small blocks. There are several brands, including Blu-Tack, Elmer’s, Scotch and Duck Poster Putty. Starts a small piece of putty block, roll it in the palm of your hand, then squash it. Paste a bit on the back of your photos to hang them. It is important to remember that blue putty can stain your walls if you leave it for long. Prevent this problem by using white caulk or moving it around behind your photos.

paste pictures on your wall

Film Architect
The tape Architect allows you to paste your photos with tape without damaging the walls or tear the images . The adhesive on this tape is pretty weak, so do not rip the paper; this means you can also place it in front of your photos without damaging them. Find architect tape stores of art and crafts. The main disadvantage of this product is that it has a very strong adhesive, so your photos may fall.

Adhesive Clips
Adhesives clips offer you a choice grip for hanging your pictures on the wall. These clips are usually made of plastic or metal, and come with an adhesive strip on the back. Peel the plastic strip covering the adhesive, and then paste it into your wall. This comes with a clip on the front, so you can paste your photos on this clip. The adhesive tends to be quite strong, so be careful not to tear the wall paint when you want to remove the clip. You can also find magnetic versions, allowing you to paste your photos on metal walls.

Although using certain types of adhesives will give you a quick solution to hang your photos in the long run it may be better to frame them and hang them on the wall. Doing this will protect your photos from being damaged by the adhesive, or other elements such as air and dust. The nails you use to hang the frames leave holes in the wall, but you can easily fill them with putty and paint them when the time comes.